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hurting yourself
hello.that is bad how she dident care. maybe if you tell somone else who help. but it is very hard when no one can help you.hugBighugi hope you are ok
sweetlad86 Wrote:awwww I know what you are going through I do very similar things, I'm finding it hard to talk to people about it. I've tried talking to my uni counselor about it but she doesn't seem to care.

I hope you also find the help you need..


Hey Marco,

If your at Uni is there no one else you can talk to, what about a teacher?

You must try and talk to someone Marco

Let us know how you get on


My Grandad lives in Gwent, Newport

Marco seriously though, let us konw how you get on

Much Love

sweetlad86 Wrote:awwww I know what you are going through I do very similar things, I'm finding it hard to talk to people about it. I've tried talking to my uni counselor about it but she doesn't seem to care.

I hope you also find the help you need..

I hope you and Joseph might be able to help each other, somehow, Marco.

As far as your own situation is concerned, I've had dealings with young people's psychiatric support services before and it looks like you've ended up with a counsellor from the same school of cynicism as my daughter. After a suicide attempt the hospital arranged for her to attend sessions at a local centre. She hated it, which in turn made it even more of a nightmare for the rest of us.

Do you have a doctor you can speak to? (S)he might be able to put you in touch with further support. A quick trawl on the Web brought up this site, which looks informative and helpful: - Self Harm Support and Information - Home

All the best to you, Marco, and to Joseph too.
Cheers for that marshlander. I'm ok, only problem is while at uni you cant choose a doctor you get the one that is free. I will have a look at that site too.

Joseph if you wana chat about it with one, I'm always open?
RYL is good, if you go on the chat room though you will end up helping like 10 people at once.

The forums really good though, believe I posted on it because I was depressed about agrophobia, I believe they said I should go the docs to get some anxiety medication.

A lot of people on the forum when I joined though where selfharmers, so they can relate.

Me personally I used to punch a brick wall, for some reason my hands are now large and out of proportion of the rest of me Roflmao, well from my view (I'm kidding I love my hands really, their my favourite part of me), but I have found simple ways of calming down doesn't always work though when I get over-frustrated.
I like to chill out listening to some happy jazzy music Luxhello.
Another method I use is from a book "Instant Confidence" it was about making your brain think happy thoughts when you do certain things, me I shuffle a deck of cards to help me calm down.

Hope it helps.
I'm a victim of my own success.
I have never failed, I have just found many ways which are incorrect.
Everyone has a story, some people just have a better way of telling it.
In this Concrete Jungle we live, our survival is love that we give.
Ya'll offer great advice Wink so there's nowt much i can add..i had an unhealthy relationship with razors when younger and it weren't till i talked to someone about it that i was able too stop ..for me it was a teacher (PE teacher at that lol) someone i'd never have considered un-approachable let alone helpfull but just bein able too un-burden and talk made things sooo much easier! Confusedmile:

joseph Wrote:hello. i wonted to write about this and it is abit bad but i wonted to see about it on here . i hope it isnt silly or bad. what if there was a problem about hurting yourself on pupose like if you was sad or cross.and it is quite bad but if you cant help it. is it very unhelathy for you. what can you do if you got a problem with it :frown: .i dident now if to write this or not i hope it is ok.

Hiya joesph,
First off hurting yourself isnt a bad thing.. If people say your wierd or loony etc dont beleive them.. I am an ex self harmer and have got scars on my arms and legs from self harming through my depression era (18-20) and it isnt done out of stupidity.. You self harm because you have alot of emotional pressure inside which is upsetting you and it has been psychologically prooven that self harming takes the pain away hence the saying that pain covers pain..
Now trying to stop it it will stop when its ready.. I learnt my lesson which made me beleive i was going to die was when i slashed my arms with a pair of scissors and went right down to the bone. End result get on the bus for free find out it stops bleeding by the time you get to the hospital so stick a plaster over it and now i got a multi coloured scar that changes colour from red to purple depending on whether its summer or winter lol..
Now the reason why people self harm babes is because its a cry for help.. You have something bothering you that your not wanting to talk about or feel uncomfortable talking about with another person so therefore your taking it out on yourself.. Also in the equation there is fustration at not being able to talk to others about something.. My advice is if you cannot talk to someone about an issue which is leading you to do self harm if its any easier feel free to message me.. I wont think your wierd strange or put you down because i am also a self harmer and have scars to proove it..

Kindest regards and hugs

zeon x
hello thank you. i am not same proper like some peple becase i dident make it bleed but just hit my head.i made a bump hitting my head when i was very cross about some men being nasty to me!i hope you are ok now
One of my friends had some kind of psycological problem which ment he built up frustration and tension, he released it in much the same way you do. Eventually he asked for help we (me and my friends) did alsorts to help and it eventually did, we kept him busy realy and let him loose his frustraion at somthing else, we took him running, boxing, to the cinema, cooking classes... basically we found somthing that he could release his tension in, or at, he found cooking worked for him, one of the most butch and masculine guys i know, puts on an apron and you see a diffrent man. Confusedmile: Try finding somthing that you can release your self at that either makes you too tired to care or too happy to think about it, or both. It works, so dont worry mate, their are plenty of ways to get rid of this, even just talking about it helped him. Xyxthumbs
Joseph have you tried using a stress ball? I hope you don't mind me suggesting this to you. Stress balls are really squidgy balls (they can come in all sorts of shapes though - I bought my friend a stress willy once!) and when you are upset or angry you can squeeze them really hard and even throw them (not at anything that breaks!!!) to help yourself feel better. Like this>>>

[Image: 061120_destressed_stressball_hlarge_4p.hlarge.jpg]

you can get them from lots of shops. (The stress willy was from Ann Summers but I don't know if your mum would like that idea!)

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