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i did it...
What a wonderful way to spend the Holidays, in an open and more happy environment. Congrats to you and your family for accepting and embracing who you are.
Very good. It sound that the parents are adjusting to the new reality.

Do expect things like weddings, child births, anniversaries to bring the parents back to the point where they wish you were straight to give them those things that they were programed as parents to believe was best for the children, which is that 'dream' life of wife, children, house, 2.5 cars, picket fence blah blah blah.

You are young enough to where you most likely will be seeing gay marriage across all 57 US states (or 50 of them - my geology teacher was Obama's Wink ) So a white wedding is not too far fetch for the folks.

Kids can be adopted (if you want them) and you can live a "normal" life living up to many of the programed expectations that society has given your parents for you.

Always seek to find the 'sameness' in things that mom or dad may throw out there. Granted you are gay, not straight, but you are a human being and nearly all human beings share basic commonalities, such as the desire to have a home, security, job, partner, offspring, etc. We gays just express it a bit more fabulously :tongue:
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
I'm very glad things are going well and your family accepted you the way you are.
lol, you dad seems fun!
[quote=Kyle]I'm very glad things are going well and your family accepted you the way you are.
lol, you dad seems fun![/QUOTE]

kinda funny you say that, i was scared to death for him to find out, hes a old mind-set, and is the one race with the same, and man and women only type, so for him to not have any to say i thought it was to good to be true.
Some people can be surprising I'm glad it worked out for the best

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