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i don't know what to do
hank Wrote:I know this is irrational but I had a bad experience with a therapist once. I am having trouble trusting them. One who I opened up to had told me something, just right after I came out I didn't realize he was with ministry. He insisted that it was all in my head and that my sexuality was purly choice.

I want to see a therapist but I have difficulty. How do I know they aren't going to be like this? Is there any way to tell?

Been there, done that.

Yeah, my "parents" took me to see a counselor once. He LIED straight to my face and told me "what we talk about in this room, stays in this room, I will never tell anyone anything we have talked about".

I knew he was a liar, I could feel the vibes emanating from him...BAD vibes. And the fact that there was a microphone hanging from the ceiling over the chair I was sitting in, did not do anything good for my opinion of him either.

I did not talk to this guy. I answered a couple of yes and no questions, but told him everything else was not any of his business!!

He told me to go sit in the waiting room, so I did, as he talked to my "parents".

I got cussed out and screamed at in the car on the way home, because that piece of shit told them EVERYTHING that went on and what was said in there!!!!!

I still want to shove a chainsaw up that guys ass!!!!!

But there ARE honest ones out there. You have to shop for them.
Find out what kind of counselor you want to talk too and start shopping.
There are sites that rate doctors and counselors of this nature. Look on the Better Business Bureau website too!

Call the state medial board and see where you can find ratings on the type of counselor or doctor you want to see.

If YOU shop and do your research, then you will feel a LOT better going to see them.

If you end up not liking who you have seen, then find another. Nobody says you have to pick one and stick with them.

Call a local gay organization to see if they can refer you to some gay therapists/counselors/doctors. Seeing someone who understands can also help you feel better about talking to them.

I complain about the police being corrupt and useless all the time, but I know there ARE some good ones out there. But in order for me to find them, I have to research and look.

Do your "homework" on finding someone that fits your needs, and you will so glad you did. You will feel a lot better about it, because YOU did your research on weren't forced to see them or just picked somebody out of the phone book.

We all feel better when we shop for something and find the perfect thing. We know we did something good for ourselves.


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