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i'm hoping to meet lots of you.
I am an older, bisexual, married man, whose wife doesn't have a desire for sex any longer. I'm longing to meet a man to share with. I have know I was bisexual ever since I was 10. That summer my cousin and I spent on our grandparents farm and experimented with each other. I have had various experiences off and on with males since then. I want more. That's why I joined gay speak/Gay Forums today.
hi and welcome to GS ,, hope to see u posting here, have fun
Hello there! join the club I'm new as well.
G day and welcome to GaySpeak
Hello Mont welcome to the group. Wavey
Hello and welcome mate Smile
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.
Hello Montman and Welcome to GaySpeak. This is not typically a site to hookup with people, but you might find someone who is interested. The thing is we are geographically quite diverse so finding someone local to your state or town will probably be difficult.
How did you manage to keep your needs fulfilled during all those years, given your married status and all those years where being gay wasn't the easiest of things?
Hello and welcome to gay speak Montman.
Welcome! Wavey
Welcome to the forum.

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