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i need new people to talk to
on msn or whatever. i have unfortunately by circumstance been drawn into the company of not very genuine people, and am aurrounded by negqtive emviroments. add me on msn randomly or whatever if u wanna talk, i just need to talk to some real people.
Don't you have a social club that you might join?What are your interests?There has to be a hobby club that might interest you.I personally found out that its in these clubs that you find eccentric and ecclectic characters.
To add to that maybe you can try to bridge the gap. If people are beign negative either they're just not very nice people or you're rubbing them up the wrong way. I suspect the former, and i'm not accusing you of anything, but maybe a sunshinier outlook will help you win people over?? You'd be surprised how well people take to people who're perky Confusedmile:Confusedmile:

Then once you've got to know them you can hit them with all your crazy at once if you so desire. It works for me hehehehehe

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