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iPhone 5
I have never had an iPhone before, and liked the look of the new one, so I got 1.

I'm not overly impressed to be honest and think the Galaxy s3 is much better.

However, it could be because Im not using the iPhone properly, but its not very user friendly, eg how on earth can you add an mp3 as a ring tone, it seems impossible.

Onto the aps... all the aps I like are free on Android, yet you pay for them on iPhone, what a rip off.
That's apple for you.
The iPhone, if they are anything like iPods, will not accept MP3 music files; they have to be converted to AAC format through iTunes first.

The App Store has more apps than Google Play, but a lot more of them are paid for.
Google Play's trade off for more free apps is that some of the free apps can be malicious.
You use what suits you the best and what comforts you.

I never had my own mobile phone until I bought one last year, which was an Iphone 4. Prior to that, I used a brick mobile phone from Nokia. It belongs to my dad. He gave it to me around 2003 because I was studying in college. I continued to use that phone until the end of 2010.

What I personally do not understand is why people like to re-update their mobile phone frequently. It doesn't matter what brand - Apple, Samsung, HTC etc. Re-updating every single year? I personally find that ridiculous.

Another thing that I do not understand is why people like to strangle each other on who's mobile phone is the best.

P.S: It is possible to make your own custom ringtone on Iphone but you have to google to learn how to do it. My ringtone is Mario's theme song.
I'll stick with mt Replenish, I don't use 3/4 of it's features and, have yet to download an app for it. It was free, it makes calls and sends text messages. Good enough. :biggrin:
I love my I Phone I couldn't be without it. Smile
Jay Wrote:What I personally do not understand is why people like to re-update their mobile phone frequently. It doesn't matter what brand - Apple, Samsung, HTC etc. Re-updating every single year? I personally find that ridiculous.


A lot of people have their mobile update for free at the end of their contract, which for me is every 12 months.
I can ring my mobile provider, tell them what phone I want, and they send it out free of charge.

I rely on my mobile for work, as I'm self employed, and have a courier firm, so a few months ago, when I broke my mobile I had no choice but buy a new one which ended up being a Galaxy S3.

A few days ago my phone provider rang me and asked if Iwould like my free upgrade, I agreed.
I then offered my Galaxy S3 to my nephew...

What a mistake, the Galaxy knocks spots of the iPhone, it really does.
The svreen is less cluttered, it is much more user friendly, the aps are free mostly, the software runs much faster and smoother, the camera is better, the list goes on...

I would say Apple know this, and that is why they took Samsung to court, to force them to close down some options, and dumb down the phone, making the gap between iPhone and Galaxy a bit smaller.

I have put my iPhone up for sale, and will get another Galaxy S3.
@Jay - Different countries have different attitudes to mobile customers. In the UK, the way they keep you as a customer is offer you a free handset upgrade every 12-18 months depending on your contract Smile

Ive been an Apple Fan Boi for a while (writing this on my MAC as I type) and Ive just moved from an iPhone 4S to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. What a stunning handsetBow I won't be heading back to an iPhone for a while, although if the new mini iPad had been capable of making calls I would have seriously considered it.

I agree with Marc, the iPhones aren't as user friendly as the Galaxy range. The iPhone users in my family have had more issues with them then the ones using galaxy models.
iPhone's were out there first. If you have a macBook makes sense to have an iPhone.

HP and windowsCE were out there in the mid 90"s, lots of things worked (like great map programs, web browsers and email) but you had to reset them 3or4 times every hour. bet they worked well in the lab tho.

The iPhone, over all moderate performance out of the box. Lo phuck factor.

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