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iPhone 5
You can get past the annoying lack of user friendliness on iPhones, but it just takes research and effort. I really don't know why Apple products are so difficult to use, yet have such nice simple interfaces.

For ringtones, use the website 'audiko' it's very simple to use.
iPhone's aren't for everyone, but they're the smartphone of choice for me. I got an iPhone 4 a little over a year ago and because it broke down and I bought insurance (a must when it comes to Appple products) they're loaning me another iPhone 4 until my iPhone 5 upgrade (cost a $100 fee) arrives in mid-November.
I can't wait for Siri!
Marc & Oldbutwiser -

Okay, fair enough. I can understand if it's due to contract. My Iphone is not under contract.

Thanks for the explanations, Marc and Oldbutwiser.

But how I still wish fanboys/girls of each brand stop strangling each other. Very childish.
I still have my Iphone 4s, and I think the specs are not that far from Iphone 5. Iphone 5 is not that extraordinary or out of this world, so I think I'll just wait for Apple's Iphone 5s or maybe 6? lol.
Genersis Wrote:The iPhone, if they are anything like iPods, will not accept MP3 music files; they have to be converted to AAC format through iTunes first.

Really?! I've been balking at getting an iPhone b/c I LIKE my ringtone, but I kept hearing you can't use your music as a ringtone. If all it takes is converting to AAC, I'll do it without hesitation! I've been using iTunes to convert wav files into aiff for four years already.

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