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if you must watch TV
i got this for a Christmas gift and just not got around to trying it out. I dont watch a lot of TV. i assume there are a few country specific versions
[Image: 15-131-012-Z01?%24S300W%24]
[Image: 15-131-012-Z03?%24S300W%24]

-nice sharp image, able to pick up channels w/o issue
-small, easy to use, plugs into the usb and that's it (needs an antenna)
-the packaged software can record, havnt tried it out yet.
-audio is functional
-it emulates the apple AirPlay with little delay so you can play it through speakers

-the initial unit was totally dead or a brick, i needed to call their tec support; return replace the dead unit.
-like your fathers TV, it needs an antenna and or cable
-it will stream to a iPod/iPhone/iPand but not to another computer
-there is a windows version too.

so now i sorta own a TVLaugh
what live tv shows do you watch if any?
Had one of those, but used it rarely. I don't watch a lot of TV in general and the most fun channel i could receive was Arte, which is saying quite a lot. Of course, the thingy had to break a few days after the guarantee ran out.
Only watch news and talk shows on live TV, prefer watching TV series and movies on DVD.
Eromir Wrote:... prefer watching TV series and movies on DVD.
i like watching the whole season at once.
hope it works for a few months tho.
I have a ROKU box where I get streaming videos and TV via computer on demand...the ROKU central station has tons of stations to choose from including a gay one...I mostly watch Netflix and Hulu though via ROKU:

Series I watched all the way through on either Netflix or Hulu via ROKU

Law and Order SVU
Malcolm in the Middle
United Sates of Tara
Sordid Lives
Ru Pauls Drag Race
Noahs Arc
Survivors (BBC)
Breaking Bad

Current Series I watch via ROKU on Hulu

Revenge (Hands down my favorite)
Kitchen Nightmares
Desperate Housewives
Modern Family
New Girl
New Eps of L&O SVU
Hells Kitchen
Once Upon A Time
Raising Hope

Shows I watch not shown on these channels

Walking Dead
Fear Factor
Top Chef
Project Runway
Tabitha Takes Over
True Blood
The Voice

Damn..thats alot of TV:biggrin:....

I dropped Glee because it was way too corny...I dropped Terra Nova because I was bored.
Wow East, I didn't realize other people watched Noah's Arc, It kinda slipped under the radar really fast :0.(well here atleast)

I don't have much time to watch T.V like most people my age, but I'm pretty much fine with that. If i'm not doing music, then i'm either tutoring other kids in music or am learning myself. I do manage to sneak in some DvD/T.V time, but it's probably not as often as others.

I do make time for Whitney on wednesdays though :3 and Animal Planet here and there. Coffee
I watch more TV these days than I ever have before.

WWE Smackdown
WWE Pay Per Views generally once a month

The Walking Dead
Terra Nova
Person Of Interest
The Office

Also been working through some shows from the past through either Netflix or downloading...

Star Trek: Enterprise
Haven (I know it's still aired but I'm trying to catch up slowly)

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkRed"]I only watch a few programs:

Last of the Summer Wine,

Great British Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo,

Master Chef,

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]
i dont watch live TV as i refuse to pay for a TV licence
i like dr martin on pbs ,house,pbs American experience saw a thing on annie Oakley-i watch too much crime shows and its a waste of time-i should read more

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