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iphone 3gs battery replacement
bought a replacement battery off
looooong story:
-took the iphone 3gs apart for the first time today and put the new battery in. Left it alone for a half hour and noticed the back of the iphone moderately warm (the new battery charging?).
-i first time started it back up and noticed the screen was blinking 10sec on/off, factory reset time, held dwn the pwr switch 2sec, held dwn the home key 10sec all while in itunes. Factory reset failed err 1716
-verified all internal hardware was correct.
-factory reset failed again with an error promput1602
-removed restored to the old battery
-factory reset with success
-got an undefined err while restoring the old backup into the iphone... bad
-doing the reset/restore a 2nd time?

technology sux
The last Cell phone I had (before this one) did some odd things due to the battery. I had to take it back to the cell phone company (Verizon) who replaced battery and phone, even moved all of my data from phone to phone for free with a huge apology.

I was actually surprised at the apology from some big faceless company.

They said that the battery was doing things it wasn't supposed to but it had messed up the hard program of the phone. Not the re-writable software, but the software that is hard wired into the hardware (chips) (???) I did not and do not understand I am technologically impaired.

Mine is a flip top phone, no internet access, not an i-phone/blackberry/glass box - one with phone number pad only - no keyboard. I would assume that those pocket computers have a lot more software to muck up.

Anyway, why not take it back to the company you got it from to 'fix' it?
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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Could you not have sent it to Apple? I thought they do replacements?
had some time today
got it working

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