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irish lottery
Hi guys, just wondering if anyone in UK plays Irish lottery at the bookmakers.
If so, is it true you match just 2 numbers and win a prize?
apparently it is however i wouldnt go down the road dear... Bookers are rigged to buggery and i only do the National lottery one line a week per game and its more succesful.. The health lottery never won on so given up lol x
How much we talking for 2 numbers then? X
how many balls the using?? I never do bookies because it isnt the best place to win... check online best to google id say x
If you put 3 numbers and get 2 does that still win? My phone won't let me look lol. Security crap xD
2 is 2 id imagen
just more numvbers u put in the more u get out lol

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