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is this normal
Depends on the type of pain you are experiencing and were exactly in the butt does it hurt?

One possible thing is you may have had your prostate bruised.... Prostate issues, from inflammation to bruising to cancer can actually present different symptoms for different fellows. Different types of pain for the exact same issue is felt by different guys. Gals don't seem to have any say on this matter... Wink

Also understand there is a lot of surrounding stuff that can be bruised, it may feel like your ass is hurting but it may be something else.

Simplified Illustration of Male sexual organs and their placement around/near the rectum.

[Image: CDR0000450023.jpg]

More complicated illustration of other things surrounding rectum:
[Image: rectum_anatomy_nett.gif]

So.... What we need is a specific location here. If it feels like the pain is centered around or above the 'taint' that place between nutsack and asshole.... It may be prostate, or the cowper's gland or something else that is actually affected.

If any of that is bruised, you may feel odd sensations during other 'activities' such as getting erect may cause pain above the taint as your glads start producing lubricating pre-cum. Even urgency to pee can cause sudden spikes in aching/pain if anything around that area is bruised, or worse broken....

If it is pain at the entrance to your anus, then it may be sphincter related, understand you have more than one sphincter muscle, each act slightly different than the others, and have different strengths and weaknesses.

Also have to have an idea how large your BF is, or if you tried to take a "footlong" recently. Understand that the rectum, the initial length of colon inside the anus is between 4-6 inches long depending on your size, a 9 inch dick can do some serious damage if you are not taking it slowly.

Guys who get fists and forearms shoved up to the elbow and beyond have a few years experience, the lower intestine does kind of sit there with very little attachments, so the Sigmoid Colon and Descending Colon can be moved around A LOT with care and skill and patience. If your BF has 9 inches and just start pounding on you and driving it home, it is possible he could puncture your rectum as your colon didn't get a chance to move to accommodate it all...

[Image: 3c0bc265d5.jpg]

Assuming you are not dating a horse, and assuming he was gentle and you all ain't as kinky as elves can be.... :eek:.... :biggrin:

Then there is the potential that you have micro scratches all up and down the length of the rectum, perhaps even to the sphincter muscles as well.

Understand that the wall of the colon are moist and very, very delicate. They are not meant to be exposed to things from the outside world... So they can be scratched, torn, ripped asunder fairly easily.

Typically scratches - micro scratches, will feel a bit stingy, and will get more so or feel stingy the closer you get to your Bowel Movement.

However all of the things I have mentioned can present as merely an aching pain, dull or throbbing, depending on how severe the damage has been.

Also need to know your amount of experience. Guys who are new to anal sex, or who have returned after a long hiatus tend to report more pain and longer pain - not really pain pain as in I just cut off my big toe, or Oh My God I poured gasoline all over myself and it is on fire - type of pain, more like discomfort for a few days after their experience.

If you are 'new' to all of this, it may be a minor adjustment period.

Another thing to consider is that you may have some other underlying condition going on which has been 'pointed out' by your partner's penis. A lot of guys who have inflamed or infected prostates can go without knowing about it until something is shoved up their arse and 'massages' or irritated the prostate.....

Did I answer your question, or did I make it clear to you that when you are asking a general question that there are too many potential replies and more details in your request will make this a lot easier.... to answer.......
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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