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it goes numb -.-
I've never heard of such an extreme case, but regular cycling has been shown to reduce male fertility, so thats something you should know. As for how to make it more comfortable, I'm afraid there is a limit to how comfortable rigorous exercise can be.

That being said, if you have the money or want to save up, you could invest in a padded seat for the bike, it makes a huge difference.

Thats my two cents, good luck Big Grin
Maybe he could even manage to pad it out himself with home found materials? Maybe there is do it yourself hints to be found on the Internet.???
Maybe, also, there are alternative types of exercise that you can do at home and that wouldn't generate the sort of noise that your aunt finds annoying. Maybe you should do less of the bike exercise and more or something else, something that still tones you... there's plenty of exercise advice on the Internet too.
I'd second PA on maybe looking for alternative exercise. If you are constantly exercising in the same manner it becomes progressively less effective, so there would be that benefit to. I'd suggest finding a nearby track or park and starting running; its much less boring that indoor exercise too!

Also, swimming is excellent for toning. Nothing quite like a morning swim!
You're all very helpful.. I was scared I was damaging myself and its great you're giving me loads of tips too :-D
Good luck with finding new and interesting ways to tone up....Hacchan.
Hacchan Wrote:Thankyou all for the replies.. although I hate doctors.. maybe I will go see him..
Also no I dont warm up.. I live with an annoying aunt so she gives me enough grief over biking without making more noise lol

Hi again....warm ups are usually really quiet and quite tame and your aunt needn't even know about them as she wont' hear you...basically you are just stretching and relaxing your muscles which really helps cut down on strains and injuries...and also will help circulation. Maybe even try one or two at a time...usually no more than a minute or two each.
Following all your comments yesterday I adjusted my bike.. its quite old and its a manual one.. so the only adjustable part is the height of the seat (not tilt) so I raised the seat cos I am tall and I've heard to get the best exercise you shouldn't be crumpled up..

Im halfway through my workout atm (yes I like to browse my phone to distract myself) and ivefound that im a little bit numb but nowhere on the scale of before.. also my legs are burning less which means i can keep my pace up faster for longer :-)
I used to do a lot of exercise bike work and had a lot of that numbness in the end I gave up the bike and just started to take a lot of long hard walks. Where I live there are lots of hard long steep hills so that's a bonus while walking.. Confusedmile: PS I find walking better than any exercise bike any day.
I want to.start jogging but im embarrassed

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