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it's good to be home!
and the first thing i do anymore when i come home is log in
here and see what's been happening....ok, after i change out
of my "straight" work clothes and into something more meee,
lol. anyway, i am really enjoining being part of the community
here. you all are great!!!! hugs n smoochies!
lol, I do the same. as soon as I get home I change and turn on my laptop then come hereSmile
It's our 'addiction', or in many ways our 'family' and we are all connected by many common threads and the cream of the crop are bought to Gayspeak and this place definately becomes a home, a place we go to catch up with friends and find out what has been happening during the day.

I feel so lucky to find Gayspeak and to be a part of everyones lives here Smile
Oh, checking here is a must, great place to hang out for a while Smile
Awww the hug thread! Knuddel Smile
There is something very relaxing about coming home from work and peeling off the world and putting on the home!! I love GS too Big Grin
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

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