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i got a new job its m firest pay job i had. your now what is is when, i wont to tell the peple there i am is in a cafy job . i like peple nowing it .what did you do at work abot being gay.thankyou.
Hi congrats on getting a job. Everyone who works with me knows I am gay. They are all ok with it. Confusedmile:
well done on the new job joseph, i know you liked working in a cafe before, where i work i have told my freinds i am gay but not everybody as its a very big place with lots of workers - every job is different, if you get to know your work friends really well then tell them as long as you know they will still be nice to you.... i know Prince Alberto will give you some really good advice too
Hey, that's great news. Xyxthumbs
Congratulations on the new job.

I have never outright told co workers that I am gay while at work. Now if I make friends and we socialize outside of work, sure. The only time I will come right out and say "I'm gay." is if a female co worker hits on me, then I feel it's best to put an end to it then and there.
Congratulations on the job! Bounce

I was out to everyone at work - no problems.
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
Joseph, sorry for the late wishes.

Congrats for getting a new job. Enjoy your work, Joseph.

My colleagues, boss and my big boss (CEO) know that I am gay. Few of my clients know that I am gay too.

I think you don't need to tell everyone that you are gay. Observe your colleagues and work environment before coming out at your workplace. If your colleagues are gay friendly, you can tell them. But if they are not, don't tell them for your own safety.

Again, congrats for the new job!
Congrats Joseph!Confusedmile: Good Job!
it's weird my roommate has to be careful the company he work for is full of hard core traditionalist yet any company i work for has never question if i am or any women friends i have. Rolleyes
Congrats mate on the job Xyxthumbs Well done
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.

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