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jonah Mowry
dfiant Wrote:Here is the message From Jonah that was posted on Facebook 4 months after his video was posted and started to get responses.

Thank you dfiant...I am so happy to read that. My lover saw me crying and he thought I was still upset about Harry Morgan (Colonel Potter from MASH...yeah I cried)...I told him to hold off before he watched it because he will get more emotional than me...glad to know the followup so I can hurry and show him afterward.
Found a follow video. The Mowry family was interviewed on ABC US

Looky here

Its so sad that people think hes lying as he did a followup video to say hes perfectly happy and that he's liked at school. Obviously all bullied kids must stay miserable throughout school yeesh things do get better even in school idiots <_<
Its pretty hard to fake that sort of emotion, even more so for a 13 year old to fake it. Those that say he faked it have no heart, co compassion...they were tears of pain in my mind, nothing fake about it.
i saw it

nice kid-too bad he suffered
i used to cut myself around 1974-never talked to people much about it -maybe i did once to doctor i forgot

i was pretty messed up then
dick cheneys daughter is lesbian so all republicans are not bigots

i think ive met plenty of democrats who are aloof about my problems and demeaning like when i said ive voted for a republican im called"irrelevant" and ignored

i put little stock in the democrats being perfect people either
some democrats will ban you off forums or refuse to talk

like i used to like Oliver north about 16 years ago and had i known more maybe i wouldn't have-im not sure if hes too good

i guess alex jones radio showed me a few things
by continuing to talk to people nicely you can teach them, but you cant force them

some democrats will just end the relationship

maybe some republicans do the same
oldster Wrote:has anyone watched whats happening with this kids videohe has been self cutting himself since i think 1 grade because of name calling and bullying andtalking about killing himself
the reactions to it are quite good
and also did you see the lady politation lose it when th little kid told her my momies gay but sanyway on utube the title is "whats going on" by jonah mowry
abut this might even start another movement infavor of homos
anon u tube there you find responses to his video sorry my cursor goes where it wwants and rewrites over where i already typed but look carefully all info is there no way can i give the address or make a link but its something you might want to see .

get mozilla thunderbird email thing or Mozilla browser pasting in after spell checks can help unless you're on new version of explorer?i paste it in at times or i use Mozilla
some stupid fuck told me its fake. I told him, give me evidence its fake and Ill believe him and he still hasnt given me anything. that made me cry. saddest thing ever. I use to cut and be bullied from grade 2 and on so I know what he felt. some people are just ignorant.

oh, can someone please post the interview again? it doesnt work anymore.

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