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[linux] Better version of gnome-screenshot
I did this last year and I thought I should share it here as well - for the linux users. Copy-pasting the content from another forum where I've posted it:

When I installed linux mint 18.3 for the first time and gnome-screenshot along with it, that program didn't create a flash when taking screenshots. Later on, a "genius" person from the developers of gnome-screenshot decided it was a good idea to torture their users with this crappy flashing thing which many people want to be gone or at least disabled. As it can be seen in the pull requests both on github and gitlab, many people asked for the flash to be made configurable or simply gone. I've asked for that myself and the developers refused. So I took matters "in my own hands", so to speak - I downloaded the source code, removed all crap related to "cheeseflash", built and then installed the new gnome-screenshot into my system. A huge thanks to user petie1 on Kaldata forums for helping me with the build and install commands!

The archive contains a built version of gnome-screenshot version 3.34.0 which DOESN'T create that stupid flash when taking screenshots. The archive also contains text files with instructions by me how to build and install. I can only hope these instructions are clear enough.

The download links are below: from Google Drive, from mediafire and from 4shared.

P.S. If the built version of the archive doesn't work for you, you'll have to rebuild it for your system.

P.S.2. A user from my country suggested that I make it a fork of gnome-screenshot but my programming knowledge ain't that deep and I'm afraid I might screw up something by doing that, so I uploaded it with the same name. If anyone here has the knowledge and wants to make a fork of it, using the provided source code, feel free to start the fork. Wink


December 8th, 2020, new version:

Since some websites lately began refusing to take a file whose file name contains Cyrillic characters and/or spaces, I decided to change the output file name in the source code. In Gnome-Screenshot this is the only way, unfortunately. So now, no matter what display language you're using, you'll be able to upload the screenshot anywhere, and the output file name will look like this:


December 11th, 2020, new version:

Also, since in the last few days some packages became outdated and 3.34 stopped working in certain situations, I had to modify the latest version 3.38.0. Updated instructions are included in the archive.

Link for Google Drive:
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