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[linux, fix] Qbittorrent opens a new instance when adding a new task
For some time qbittorrent was opening a new instance of itself when adding a new task, so I did some digging and eventually found a solution on github by another user. It turned out that the tmp paths in all distros and DEs are messed up which causes qbittorrent to go crazy. This problem doesn't exist with other torrent clients bc when they can't find the tmp directory, they use their own config directories. But qbittorrent apparently wasn't programmed that way. So, in order to fix this, open your ~/.bash_profile and add these 2 lines in it:

TMP=/tmp; export TMP

[Image: uKAZaja.png]

Save and reboot your system. After that the problem will be gone.

It's a good idea to backup your ~/.bash_profile, so that if you have to reinstall your distro, you won't have to waste time and nerves to find a fix for that problem again.
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