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[linux only] Fix for monochrome emojis on social networks
For quite some time I had noticed that sometimes (for unknown reasons) the emojis on different social networks suddenly appear as ugly monochrome icons. Eventually I got sick of the ugliness and did some digging on how to fix it. Then using the principle "trial and error" I found a way to fix them - for all browsers in Linux ONLY! If you have this problem in Windows, I have no idea how to fix it there.

1. Download this archive
and unpack it in your home directory. In my case it's /home/rado, in your case will be /home/[something-else].
2. Close all open browsers. Or kill their processes, if necessary.
3. Using your file manager enter ~/.fonts and open the file named "flush fonts cache". There's a terminal command inside the file to copy and paste in terminal. Hit enter and wait for the task to finish. Then close the terminal.
I've put the command in a file on purpose, so that if I ever forget what the command was, it would be easy for me to find it.
Now you can open your favorite browser and resume what you were doing.

This is what your emojis will look like:

[Image: 3P2Zh5r.png]
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Thanks Rado!

I don't use Linux on my desktop (only server) but seems cool! Wink
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Hmm, I don't recall noticing the monochrome emojis on Linux, not sure if they did something on Kubuntu or I never paid any attention...
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