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megan stammers
Hi all, just wondered what you think about Megan stammers. The 15 year old girl from Essex who has run off abroad with her 30 year old teacher :O
Have any of you guys outside of the UK heard about it on the news? Is it getting press to help in the search etc?
i haven't heard about it, but it sound crazy
she was pregnant by him, hope everyone is safe.
might be a higher a moral view here?
oh I dont know about that. Nothing been said about her being pregnant. She can't be found and hasn't contacted home is what they are telling us on BBC.
Whether it was "consensual" on the part of both parties involved or not....the fact remains that she is still underage and has not mentally developed enough to make mature decisions. The fact that she ran off with this guy without a word to anyone is confirmation of her still-pending immaturity and inability to make rational, adult decisions.

Its statutory rape and its illegal for a reason. I hope she comes out of this without any emotional scarring and that the teacher gets thrown in some dark corner where the world can forget about him for taking advantage of a youth who placed her trust in him.

Apologies if this sounds harsh, there are very few things which cause me to become truly angry. Child molestation/endangerment/abuse is at the forefront.
It has been in the news over here, but I don't know enough to comment on the story.
We keep hearing about it on the radio. Today there was a plea from her dad for her to ring home...
Haven't heard anything of it but my view is the same as Puck's.........
She is half his age and very very impressionable at 15. He is just a dirty old man.....and took advantage of the wonder they ran off as he is more than likely worried he will get caught and sent to jail.........
A sad situation for them both and for their parents too.......
I have just heard that they have been found and he has been arrested and she is in protective care.
They are both to blame, But he is a dirty so and so for going off with her anyway and she should have known better.
They are not saying where they were found yet, but it is believed to be the wide spread of media that gave them away.
She obviously has no regards for her poor family and friends who must have been going out of their minds with worry, Selfish cow !
Well said Gavjg and ..........Wow thanks for that glad they have been caught.

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