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monk has reached 5000 Posts!
Aww well done! Smile
Aww, thanks guys. :redface:

Hi Monk, I never had the opportunity to communicate with you directly. I just would like you to know that I truly appreciate your continuous support and encouragement.

For an unknown reason, I always happy to see your name on a thread or a post. I always see you as a hmm, father figure. Like PrinceAlbert, Marshlander to name a few. You are one of my favorite members to say the least.

Thank you for joining Gayspeak. My best wishes to your partner and you.

Congrats for your 5000 posts.
Congratulations my friend Bighug

[Image: Congratulations.gif]
5000? your fingers must ACHE, lol. consistency is a
great attribute!!!
Congrats Monk! So nice reading you (and listening to the great music!):biggrin:

[Image: 140585d1251321162-animated20dancer20congrats.gif]
Thank you so much, guys. I'm really touched. Cry

Now please go away and stop embarrassing me! Wink

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