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my daughters
Part of me wishes I had come to understand my homosexuality when I was young but I am so very grateful for my daughters and wouldn't be nearly so happy without them in my life.

I remain closeted to family but in every other area of my life openly crossdress. Life is good and I'm satisfied!
Know exactly where your coming from hue.

My two are 21 & 19 now, and Im out to everyone. Made the decision to come out to them 11 years ago, so they were quite young. Pretty much took it in their stride. Cant say the same for my ex though.

If you have an otherwise positive relationship, sitting them down to have a serious discussion probably won't make them dislike you. You're their parent, most of the time healthy people naturally want to have a positive relationship and to see their parents proud/happy of them.

Someday you're probably going to tell them; I hope it goes well.

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