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need advise
hey im back because im in a bad situation. i am with this guy who i think is gay or bi. last insident had me confused cause he had me thinkin he was cheatin on me with a girl. I in return felt bad but met some guy that had me about to cheat on him. I went to his office and my man found out. so he was mad at me for a while . now everything is normal on the outside but not in the physical. He was talking with me and was saying he not going to cheat on me with another girl. Then in a low voice he says i only cheat on you with other men. but before i could say anything he was gone to the store. He is a trucker and comes home every 2 months give or take. the time he came after the insident of me almost cheating and him telling me he not talkin with that girl no more, things were different. He tells me he is just going to have sex with me. No love makin. then he keeps hurtin me more than ever and not lettin me get the big O. I thought it would pass but the next time he came home he came closer and more love making and kissing a lot but he was getting pleasure and i not an orgasm. This time for christmas he came and we made love one night but we were both massive drunk on crown royal. juices were flowin but no big O. then when he was doin me i had to help him get me one. The last time he had sex with me all he did was press his lips on me and never really did nothing but a sloppy kiss then he was just sayin oh yeah and i was just layin there while he got his and i felt nothing. now i feel like maybe its not the fact i almost infidel and its hes not feeling me sexually therefore he cant satisfy me. i dont know how to tell him he dont do it for me. once he told me he thinks hes not getting me one and i didnt know how to tell him he wasn't. whatever the problem is i need to know.

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