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never "came out" to mom
i know my mother HAS to know,

but i've never come out to her, there are my reasons, my father was viciously homophobic and anytime he got wind he became irrationally angry with me so it put me off "coming out to my parents"
im not "in the closet" its just something i've never discussed, at the same time she's never brought it up, so i don't really know if she does know. She is a christian, and right winged, but she's not "homophobic" though she was alongside my father back in the day

i dunno if she expecting me to come out to her or just let it sit and let her come out with it when she's more comfortable or somthing.
According to your information, you're a single bi man, which means coming out would be a tad bit easier than if you were 100% gay, imo.

I say just tell her. Your mom sounds a lot more understanding than your father. Smile
tell her, do not tell her, these are a choice we all must make I told my family as i did not want to live a lie
ill probably do it this year, i mean she's not going to abandon me, im just going to wait till after the holidays so it dosen't weird anything out

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