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new BF(i think)
so i met this guy on okcupid a few weeks back and our first date all we did was go to starbucks and see a movie. after that he drove me home and that was that. well weve been on a few dates now and its starting to get more romantic. like he actually invited me to stay at his place for the weekend and i did but work got in the way Sad. my question is, when should i start introducing him to people as my boyfriend. the reason i havent done that yet is im waiting for him to do that first but i get the feeling that hes waiting on me to do the same. what do i do just start introducing him as my boyfriend or keep saying hes a friend?
There needs to be a "meeting of the minds" where you both agree to be mutually exclusive with each other. Ask him to be your boyfriend, and if he says YES,,,, then you can formally introduce him as your boyfriend.
Wow..........good luck with the relationship. Pick your moment Wink and then say in a jokingly sort of silly I suppose we are bf and bf.....and wink or something like that. If he says yes---- then you are if he says......not yet or something like that --- then you know............. It will give you some good indication of where you are in the relationship. Butterfly
Why not ask him how he would like you to introduce him? Seems that would be the best idea here.
First let me say congratulations on finding some one.
Just ask him how he wants to be introduced.
Communications make relationships go. There is no 'too early' when it comes to starting up a line of communication.

Setting a time say once a week where for an hour or so you two sit down face to face, turn off the devices and really talk to one another with the understanding that whatever is said is not going to be used as a weapon or its not 'fight time' will help you two develop a better relationship then letting communication just happen - if it happens at all.

As for when you are BF's that is something you two need to discuss and decide on. 'Where are we now?' is not a bad question to ask from time to time to get an idea where each other feels you as a couple are.

This coy 'wait for the other' to say something usually plants the first seeds of resentment. Resentments grow into huge man eating weeds and devour whole relationships whole.... We don't want that do we? :tongue:
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