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new new normal (episode 04) out
if you have not seen it last night live the next episode of the New Normal has been aired.
Never heard of it.. whats it about, and what channel is it on?
It's about 2 gay guys starting a family, its on NBC on Tuesday nights. from the Director of Glee if I'm not mistaken, so far its been good.
If God wanted us otherwise, He would have created us otherwise. Now can I get an Amen to that!

Nothing Gold Can Stay
Sounds like it could be interesting, if I remember I'll watch next Tuesday
72jay Wrote:Never heard of it.. whats it about, and what channel is it on?

[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
I'll have to check out that vid when I'm on my other computer Smile ...
I've seen the first three and am looking forward to the next episode-s.
Some people are annoyed by the clichés and the perceived ''shallowness'' of the characters, but it's a comedy and that sort of thing thrives on clichés which it can then twist into funny and / or more profound situations.
I give it an 8/10...mostly because of Nene Leeks (she cracks me up)..............

I wonder what that f*ckign a*shole Rupert Everett (British gay Actor) who claimed "He (I) can't think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads." thinks of the show?

I remember him complaining about the "Gay Mafia" in Hollywood unwilling to give him a job. I would be too if I sensed he was a self loathing gay man who openly advocates discrimination against other gay men (GRRRRRRRRRRRRR)...I consider them my worst enemy....

(Sorry for the rant...)

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