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has anyone ever been set up to take a non-technical test for a job, it's supposed to be an ethics test and this damn test kept me from getting an interview with two companies so far. the question would be something like:

Tommy told you to do a short cut to get your work done quicker but it ignores safety procedures. do you

a) tell him no and keep working the way you normally do
b) tell the supervisor
c) do it Tommy's way

for the first job most of my answers were like "a" and I didn't pass and the second time "b" and still did not make it to the interview, and the second time got weird at the end and started asking question like "would you rather be a plummer or electrician?". does anyone know the secret to this b.s. I tried looking it up on google but can't find anything like it. if they didn't want to hire me then I wish they would just tell me so I don't have to drive 40 minutes and take this ridiculous 150 question test. (no bullshit, it's 150 questions)
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I don't know [MENTION=13830]ceez[/MENTION]. When you say you didn't "pass"... how does that work? I understand you didn't get the interviews you wanted... but how is the test scored? If I didn't pass an 'ethics' test, I'd be very curious to know why not. "Show me the correct answers and explain why they are correct. Explain how your scoring works."

TBH, the whole thing sounds fishy to me. It *might* be a device for getting around anti-discrimination laws. "Oh, no, it's not because he's gay or black (or whatever) that we didn't give him an interview, it's that he did poorly on this 'ethics' test." Rolleyes

IDK... just the way my mind works. Unethical ethics tests. :\
Yeah, that sounds pretty fishy to me, too. I've never had an "ethics test" to take to get an interview. I, personally, agree with Mike on this one. Last job I had was at Whole Foods and no silly ethics tests. Was a damn good job, too!
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That's what I was thinking, last time I asked the woman that set up the test what questions I got wrong and if it was a certain score I had to get but she told me that they don't receive that information, the program just tells then if we scored high enough. And as far as scoring goes, the test shows a message at the beginning saying that there's no wrong answer.

I usually do fill out that identity survey at the beginning, I think next time I'll refuse to fill it out and see what happens. If this keeps happening then I'll just have to get my fat ass back in shape and start stripping Wink
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I've run into these too.

They do seem pretty fishy and many of the questions seem to be geared toward tripping up a person who is not an absolute prude. I simply would not care to work for a company that uses such tests.

I could well feel that the ethical thing to do in my case would be to hand the test back with the questions unanswered and to say that I find the use of such instruments to be questionable.
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Yeeeaaahhhh, that definitely raises a red flag now. Why can't it be like the old days? Just put a sign up in front of your business: "So-and-sos Need Not Apply." I think that conveys a better message than a completely arbitrary test lol
So lost in your addiction
The solemn comfort of your grave
If you close your eyes the light can't take it away

Reach back behind your pride
And pull the thorn from the burning pain in your side

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they sound like a way for a company just to fail people and give it to a candidate they do want without the haste of having to explain themselves..

If it makes you feel better I work for a firm that treats job seakers just as bad if not worse - By law a UK has to advertise a job so obviously they get unemployed people applying hoping for a chance of a job - they even go through the interview process with them !!!! the trouble is that the firm I work for has already given the job to some relative of management all along - way before the Job even shows up at the job centre too, now that's terrible thing to do to people in anybody's book
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An infinite test that you can't pass using the blatanly obvious answers?

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Maybe the only way to pass the test is to point out the test itself is unethical?
Uh, ceez, about that stripping...

Is this something at which you can verify experience?
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