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not sure what I should do
Well signed up on cupid a few weeks back and done most everything on there that I could. showed some interest in some of the matches with very little success. Well anyway there is this one guy that i wrote to say he sounded like someone that I would like to meet and he responded with a question back so i replied and that was it for a few weeks. Then all of a sudden I get a message back from him this week, which made me feel good considering the kind of week that I was having. There has been communication everyday this week and not just one liners if you know what I mean.

Last night he gave me his number to text so I replied back with my number figuring that I would wait for him to send one first but I ended up sending the first one. After he figured out it was me then the text happened every hour back and forth for a while, which I though was good.

Now it comes to the scary part, just received and email asking if I would like to meet him for coffee this week. So far it seems like this coffee thing seems to kill any chance to meet people, I have been truthful about who I am and what not, but I never seem to get past the second date or they seem to take forever to respond back if they even respond at all.

So I'm kind of scared to move forward on this but I'm not sure what I should do? Any ideas or should I just jump in like always do?
Herllo there,
Dont be scared about meeting new people... Of course if you havent made it past the first date it doesnt matter because what you never had you cannot miss... If i was you I would go to this meeting place for a coffee with an open mind about things... Dont think this is the one where I end up meeting the ideal guy because your give off the wrong vibes... Go along thinking "thisd is like meeting a friend for coffee".. Why??? Because when you meet a friend for coffee your more yourself than meeting a potential lover for coffee... Potential lovers can put on a show, not saying you would or he would however as people and socialization skills go when it comes to meeting people whatever reason we meet them for our attitudes and values on life change for that moment in time Smile

Best of luck and dont worry if it goes pear shape ya still got us here on gayspeak Smile


zeon x
Not sure what you're so afraid of? I met my partner via an online site and our first "date" was at a local starbucks - we were there for 3 hours!

The reality is, meeting for coffee gives both parties the ability to leave fairly quickly if there's no initial "click." This, opposed to meeting for drinks at a bar (gay or str8) which can be daunting task to have a conversation with all the noise and distractions - OR meeting for something to eat - and if there's no "click" you're kinda stuck with having forced conversation over dinner.

So, don't vex about meeting him for coffee - it's a really good option for the first meeting.

Last note, you're going to have to "kiss" a number of "frogs" before you find your prince charming. I went on 20 or 30 "first dates" before I met Todd, so don't worry about 2nd dates when you've not even met him face to face yet.

When it comes to dating and meeting guys, just remember" How do you get to Carnegie Hall? PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE."
Thanks for the advise. Right now he seems to be starting things which I like so far, I hate always starting things. The only thing that has me right now is that there is a 10 year age difference, not sure how that will play.
10 years is great!
is he younger?

try to turn every first date into a friend first.

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