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official end of the world thread
ok, so i dont know much about the mayan calander, or the "end of the world", but let this be the post to post up all your thoughts, worries, facts, arguments, etc etc about it!

wakeboarder Wrote:ok, so i dont know much about the mayan calander, or the "end of the world", but let this be the post to post up all your thoughts, worries, facts, arguments, etc etc about it!


I was just thinking about this while watching a show on the history channel about it earlier.

Its one of those things..... I don't know... I don't think I am going to worry or change anything to drastic. From the beginging of time people have predicted the end of the word.... people have thought the sky was falling..... I guess if the "end of time", that is 3 Billion years old ends within the 30 years I have been here, i would look at it as a privelege... :biggrin:
Well it stands to reason that the Mayan calendar ended on that date .because they sacrificed all their young and there was no one left to keep it up.
That's what happens when you kill a whole,e generation for better farming weather.
I think the lizard people are going to make an appearance and kill off all the zombies....the zombies are bodies of the people they use whose souls vacated the premises long ago. They aren't going to need the bodies anymore. Oh yeah...the rest of us are screwed....just pretend to submit and have a back up plan:biggrin:
I think what worries me is how end of the world fears are used to distract from actual concerns. In the more extreme cases it can even contribute to an actual crisis.

For example, a guy I know used to work at a saw mill in East Texas when it sank in just how many trees they went through every single day...and that there were 2 more saw mills in that town alone, and many surrounding towns also had saw mills, and of course trees are cut all over the world, sometimes even just to make new farmland rather than to sell the lumber. A bit overwhelmed as it sunk in he pointed it out to some of his coworkers and asked if they weren't bothered by it, too. They told him no, that Jesus was going to come back soon and make a new world anyway, so full speed ahead. (He wanted to ask, "What if Jesus doesn't come back?" but knew that wouldn't go over well in the East Texas Bible Belt.) And I've seen similar things said about climate change (ie, Jesus is coming back soon anyway, so it's a non issue).
well if im gonna die then i better get a jd n coke un just wait
354 days. Maybe they ran out of room and didn't add "see other side"
just found this. pretty funny i think!

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The mayan calender is like any other calender, every calender ends and starts a new age, as this calender will restart into a new age, as the "restart" might seem as an end, the end of our time (and the beginning of the next). What I believe in it is that media, which is controlled by the government, which is controlled by the Illuminati (If you believe in that) that uses many ancient symbols in they're work, as why I think the Mayan calender paranoia was created, to misdirect us cause this is the year they plan they're world dominance, or just simply used it as some kind of symbol in they're conquest.
Well If 2012 is the end then thank God if not on with more torture

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