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out of the blue
Be gentle it's my first post!
I've been with my bf for 9 months I'm 32 he is 53, we have a great sex life but he is not very adventurous. So last week we had a couple of drinks and got talking about sex, then out of the blue he said he would like to watch a stranger fuck me. I could see how turned on he was talking about this And the sex after was awesome. Any one done this? Any advice?
Hi zorro, welcome to gs… sorry i havent done anything like that so i wouldnt have any advice, though providing its something YOU want to do? i see no problem.
Ok, no. I haven't done anything of the sort, but I will try to go for it:

within my perception, 2 requirements have to be fulfilled, followed by 2 adviced:

1.- He is comfortable about it: he suggested it, so we know he is

2.- You have to be comfortable and OK with it..

3.- It would be better IMO to invite someone familiar to you (as you would be having the action), just to make sure it's safe, if it's really a stranger he wants I don't really know how you offer that to someone, but I bet more than one guy will be up for it...

4.- the obvious...use protection, seeming how we are talking about a stranger

so there...hope it helps a bit....
Get a friend that likes you to agree to it, something along those lines. A few of my incredibly sketchy and dirty coworkers not so secretly did something like this once... it's not terribly hard to do.

Be very careful though -- a lot of people do this and they or their significant other ends of liking that third person just a little bit too much.

That third person is going to have their own motives.

You can also most likely use things like Grindr to find someone easily...
Erm I don't have any experience on this at all but I did read something like this a few days ago granted it involved a straight couple and ended up with a baby which I guess won't happen here but the partner who suggested it freaked out after it even though she suggested it so I guess what I'm trying to say is really make sure your both wanting to do it and talk it thru otherwise it will only cause problems!!
zorro Wrote:Be gentle it's my first post!

I've been waiting my entire post-pubescent life to have a man breathlessly whisper such into my ear.

Oh, and as for advice... uhm... I don't know, sure, I guess.
Don't be mean.
While the idea is hot and erotic, I think it practice it can be a lot more complicated and messy.

Monogamy is a tricky thing, for those who apply it or desire it or place importance on it, when it gets broken (even if both parties are willing), it can become a major issue for the couple.

Talking about it and fantasizing about it is one thing, doing it is a totally different thing. I would strongly suggest approaching the subject when sober, and trying to remove as much of the lust/pleasure/erotic aspects out of it and seriously consider what it means to 'us' as a couple such as how jealous either and or both of you are, how likely it is that you will fall for another guy if he is good in bed.
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I've never done anything like that but I really do think that the choice is yours. If you want to do it, go ahead but you really should be careful and use the proper protection, etc.
I'd personally strongly advise against a stranger and get someone you know, as a lot of people have been saying, to do it if you can. I work with people and are friends with people that've done this and it's turned out okay for them, from what I hear.

But please be careful! I don't want you to get hurt or anything!
Thanks for the advice. So we have been chatting to a guy online, both agreed it might get weird with somone we know,he is coming over Saturday night. We are both looking forward to it!
So we did it, was great fun. Although my bf could not resist joining in and it turned into more of a threesome.

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