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pilot for "Its Almost Normal"
East Wrote:And what's this 'OLD' shit!!!!

Oh man:eek:...I turned 55 last month and it is just something about THAT number...and this is my first time wrestling with a number....I have heard my friends freak out about 30/40/50...and not a peep from me:biggrin:...but 55RoflRoflRofl...I am getting senior discounts nowRofl .....

I am pretty sure I will regain my grip on aging gracefully DESPITE everything but a month into the big 55 and it has hit me now...I am OLD!...

I am finding other 1957 babies to commensurate with though...It is helping:biggrin:

My lover was born in 1965 and suddenly he is looking ALOT youngerWinknudge

Join the club, Eastie.... lol. Derek was ''old enough" to apply for a retirement facility when he was looking for new digs to live in.... He preferred the boat. :biggrin: I would never say he's old. He wrote a song in which he plays with the idea and just says OLDer, rather than OLD.... Wink
Aw, thanks for helping me feel NOT old!

*ducks and runs*

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