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princealbertofb has reached 6000 Posts!
...East inpatiently waits for next 6000

Congrats PA!:biggrin: Always a pleasure to read!
In that case, I must be doing something right... Wink
congrulations looks like your ahead of the whole pack
My partner and I are very dedicated to sharing information, lol Wink Does it count that we are both in teaching professions?
Congratulations my dear friend, its a real pleasure having you and marsh on the forum, I know I'm not the only one that looks forward to your advice and honesty on all subject matters, I wish you and marsh good health and good fortunes in the years to come.

Ben xxxConfusedmile:
My name is Ben and I love
you all this much.

We are the Smilies and we
love Ben.
Thank you very much, Ben. That is very kind of you... I sort of wish the same for us... and of course for all our members here. There is nothing more important than health, both physical and mental.... so hang in there guys, and gals.
Thank you, Ben, your sentiments are much appreciated Remybussi Health seems to be a particular issue at the moment when a lot of people around me are dying or falling foul of degenerative and incurable conditions :frown:

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