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I am a 35 yr old mwm, and just realized that I might be gay. I love my wife, and care very much about my children, but my fantasies are with another guy and not my wife. Am I crazy?
Crazy? No
Bi? Maybe
Gay? maybe

Being Bi or Gay does not change the love you may have for your wife and your children.
So me being gay, means I can still love my wife?
sct75 Wrote:So me being gay, means I can still love my wife?

welcome to Gs and as far as i know love has no gender
Yes Welcome to GaySpeak, sct75. Lonely said love has no gender and he is right, it is absolutely possible to love your wife, but probably she is not getting out of the relationship what she could expect if you were truly attracted to women. However, she may be getting what she wants and expects because it might just be that gay men are a little more considerate of their feelings. The trouble is, she only knows a part of you and it doesn't feel really fair to hide it from her. Is she the kind of person who would understand if you told her? Or would she freak out?
If you are happy living with your wife and never having sex (or experiencing) with another man, then, fine, why not make a go of it? Your children will always be your children, no matter what. But if you find yourself in a few years dissatisfied with what sex life your couple has to offer, you might have to be a little honest and maybe give her the choice to get a separation, maybe even a divorce, so that both of you can live your love lives in ways that are fitting for both.

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