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roll tide
ok, i admit it...yesterday i kicked back wearing my
girlie clothes (dear gods i love the weekend) and
watched the university of alabama play u of arkansas
(aka the pigs) in football. my whole family watches
alabama like a religion except those misguided ones
who follow auburn. so i was a good boy (sorta)
and watched bama run all over arkansas.

ok, i get all dreamy over the hot guys in tight pants
getting all sweating and doing the "man" thing.
still, it was a great way to be part of the family
and cheer on my guys!

Roll Tide!!!!!Butter
nice to hear from a gay that can appreciate their own life instead of trying to cram their stuff into a Madonna endorsed prada bag
I used to love to play football - before I herniated the neck and being thrown to the ground and have a bunch of sweaty men throw themselves on top of me became a huge 'no-no'.

Well I guess that pretty much reveals why I liked playing the sport. :tongue:
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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