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shaved my legs this morning...
I love my legs smooth, if only for me.
i'm toning down some of my crossdressing,
still in "drag," just not so in-your-face.
small things like shaving, wearing my favorite
bra (makes my lil boobs look cute), or just a
hint of body spray really make me feel good
about me!

the cup of mocha coffee was nice, too, lol
Huh, I love me some shaved legs, but it's such a pain that I cheat on days when I wear jeans (yay incoming autumn!) or am not going anywhere. Wink But if I find someone to start dating, that'll change real quick! (Hence *soft* butch?)
I like my hair just where it is, on my body but, I have shaved various places for drag contests. I don't do drag day to day but will for a karaoke or drag queen contest, if I want the prize.
I dont really do drag but would definitely shave my legs if it was a regular occurance! Seems to be one hell of a lot of work - obviously dependant on how hairy you are!
Not into drag, but i do shave my pubes, i love the way it looks and feels
Sounds to me like you had a very nice morning. I love my fresh shaved legs.
Bee Sounds like a good start to the morning........have a great day Hue
I love drag's... Im-blushing-smiley
Sounds like you had a wonderful day , I wax mine.
i used to shave my legs but my skin didn't like it at so now i just take clippers to them every so often, still kinda looking for permanent solution to the hair.

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