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shitty cops.
ok, so this is a thread on another forum im on. when you come across a vid, or story about fucked up cops, post it up. i will get it started.

i think she could of handled it better, but its an emergancy. they should be trained for things like this...

At least that seems resolved pretty well IMO. Usually shitty cops get away with much worse than that, and if they get suspended it's with pay (thus a paid vacation).

As an example of how bad it gets, there were 2 cops, IIRC, that captured (after 2 women called 911) a naked, drugged teenager bleeding rectally and took him to convicted child molester (of that same boy's older brother) Jeffrey Dahmer against the protests of the 2 women who called them the cops just handing him over and going away (the boy would be killed later that day). It caused a race riot when it came out and the officers were suspended...but once the fury died down the cops were given back pay and MEDALS. :eek:

Given that there are so many examples like that (though that example was an extreme one), I was very surprised that this time they took appropriate (or at least reasonable) action (dropping charges, officer suspended without pay and likely retrained, possible law suit in the works, etc). When that happens I blame the individual cop rather than "the police." But when the other cops aid and abet then their entire department is guilty and an affront to society.

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