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shy guys
I'm very shy as well IRL. I've got a close circle of friends that hasn't really changed since the end of High School, although a few have grown a bit distant since I came out earlier this year Sad.

It's hard to meet ppl when one is so shy
Yes, yes it is! And I'm like a walking oxymoron. I'm REALLY good at making small talk with people, and making them like me (that, I believe, has to do with my big "Teacher's Pet" sticker that I earned by being on 'chatty' terms with teachers my entire life), but when it comes to making an actual connection I'm a bit .. lost...
And my friends all have to call me to do things, I've never been one to call them.. I end up over-thinking it waaaaay too much when I think about asking them to go out.
It can be appealing it can be creepy. Some can act shy and some is shy. As I am ratter shy of me, I can have easy to speak to some if I like them, but I always hate people in groups, masses of people, I always feel lost. I must agree with moregelen that it can be easy just talking to some, but connecting can be hard.
a person being shy dosnt guarantee he has any bigger heart
I find shyness to be a very attractive quality, unfortunately, most guys my age are not very shy. lol
I use to be really shy but that was mainly due to my insecurities, as I've become much happier and comfortable with myself I find I am not shy very often at all, and if I am ever shy anymore it's usually just me being tired, not shy, lol.
Moregelen Wrote:Heh. I'm incredibly shy in real life! Painfully shy even! Though I have no idea why.. I've always been quite and shy. Can be a bit awkward at times (I've had the same five friends since middle school because of my 'shy-ness'), but overall I don't mind much! Standing back and watching is actually quite a bit interesting, since people tend to forget I'm even there and talk about things they normally wouldn't ^_^
Strangely enough, shy guys make me want to cuddle them, while at the same time being too shy to attempt it.. nyaaa... overloading my reasoning processor there... causes awkward stumbling with heavy blushing! wooo... hahah
Hmm... I have no problem making connections with people at all. I guess I'm in the minority here!

Oh well it takes all kinds. Noticed you lived in Marietta. That's where I visit over the holiday and summer months (im a college student with family there). I am not able to send you a message unfortunately.
Moregelen Wrote:And my friends all have to call me to do things, I've never been one to call them.. I end up over-thinking it waaaaay too much when I think about asking them to go out.

Haha, same here Smile Although of late, this has strained some of my friendships for no real reason. There are two people I know who get angry that I don't call them, which I find foolish because one of them has a changing schedule and lives really far from me, so I don't usually know if he's working or not, and the other doesn't want to do anything but sit, get high and conversate. While conversation is awesome, I don't really like to do this every single day. Plus I don't smoke anymore and he keeps trying to pressure me into starting up again.
Im very out going so Im not shy. but shy people hmm... hard to talk too. but when it comes to huge crowds, I wont say much cus everyone goes into their own convos and forget about me.
I don't know if anyone has picked up on it, but I am shy too...I am an introvert trapped in and extroverts body :tongue:

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