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so,here goes
the reality of just how lonely i am has finally set in. doesn't help that i live in a house where i feel completely out of place and unaccepted.i was invited here by mom, to finish up my education. so i naturally agreed at first it was alright she got me a job where she was working. shortly after that it slowly started to go down hill. she would drain me completely of all money. not to mention when i got fired i was set up. she knew it and she chose not to back me up. shortly after to make it worse when i went to turn in my uniform and pickup my last check. when i got home she was hell bent on getting all of my measly last check and which she did. then to make matters worse when i got fired she wanted to keep it all hush hush no to let my stepfather know. I'm assuming mainly it was to cover her ass. so then i have to deal with this guy going around behind my back asking my brothers and mom things. about me so he can find an excuse to kick me out. after a couple of months of dealing with things. finally got back in school in the spring. it was fine until i failed a test.
all i had to do was retake it. so i told my mom once again she told me not to tell my step father and she would let me borrow money to retake it. she lied to me all summer long promising that she would loan me money she never came through she's been doing this to me since i was a child. needless to say i never got to retake the test shit, I'm not even enrolled right now.
It sounds like you are going through a very rough patch of several emotions, and in the sense being used comes mind.
Don't you have any close friends who you can talk to ?
You know that we are always here if you need a chat and to feel accepted and loved.
Myself I am extremely lonely and would love some friends to go out with in my area, and if you are the nervous type like myself then this makes it so much more difficult with low self confidence and low-esteem to get out there and find other people in the same situation.
I have found by talking to other friends on here that it does help you, and you can be yourself and express any problems you have as there are always someone to talk to.
Just type away and don't be shy as we are very friendly Confusedmile:
Sounds like you dont exactly have an amicable situation right there. I agree, do you not have any friends you could give a call?
Wow not a healthy situation to be in. I think that perhaps you should look at seeing if you can move out and live with someone else. What about your father, is that an option to move in with him? I just think that you should not be treated like that and that it might even cause you to become depressed.

Do you have any other relatives you can contact and perhaps move in with?

take care and I really hope that your situation improves.

All the best...
you cant control her but you can change your how you react. For example setup a direct bank deposit on the next pay check into a couple of banks.

She has been doing things for a while you know you need to fix your living condition. Dont panic but put all your resources in to creating a kinder gentler home for your self. Include friends whatever but this is very important.
I agree with what's been said. Do what you need to do to be able to get out of there and into a better living situation.

I'm a firm believer in home being a refuge form the cares, hassles and negativity of the world, a safe refuge where you find at least solitude and quiet and, if you ate blessed a partner or friend that is good to and good for you.
There's a way to get out of it but it can be very difficult, and that's if you work full time and take night classes. It can get you in your own place but you would have to work extra hard to excel in class. That is if you can find a full time job which might be kind of hard, or you could get a part time job and some room mates. Either way I would bet out of there fast.
My father's 4th wife relied heavily on lies to survive her marriage.

She was always having me lie about stuff in order to keep my father 'serene' and 'peaceful'.

Why? Because when my father got a wild hair up his arse he would throw fits, throw objects, throw people. He often had wild hairs... too often.

Perhaps your mom is lying and doing a lot of stuff because she is in an abusive relationship? It doesn't have to be hitting to be abusive, there are many forms of abuse.

I suspect there may be a lot more behind her behaviors than just an intent to screw you over. her behaviors sound like a person who is trying to protect herself and her children, yes that can lead to unusual, or odd, seemingly destructive behaviors (such as taking all your money).

Christmas season is right around the corner. Around Halloween stores start hiring seasonal help for the Christmas season. Now is actually a good time to start papering stores (dropping off applications, resumes and the like) in order to secure a seasonal position.

When you get such a job, they often can be worked into permanent positions. You only have to be on the ball and show up (never call in sick during seasonal work) and be willing and able to show up at a moments notice.

Since you are not enrolled in school currently, now is a great time to consider doing full-time work. Squirrel away money.

Most jobs now have direct deposit pay-checks. Meaning instead of handing you over a paper slip that you convert to cash, they electronically deposit money into an account. Go to a local bank and ask them what it takes to set-up an account.

Once you have money going into a bank account it becomes much harder for people to get money out of you.

DO set aside a reasonable amount of money from each check to pay for your room board.

I think the best person to discuss the financial aspect is not your mom, but your step father. Once you have the job pull him aside and ask how much he wants for room and board.

It is a step in the right direction, and only a step.
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There is not much more I can add.
I am really sorry you are in such a nasty situation.

Who knows why your mother lies, at any rate she has been doing it for a very long time.
If you feel you have to get out then do so.

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