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talking louder
Hello my friends. For as long as i can remember, I've always spoken so quietly that people are always asking me to repeat myself. I would love to change this does anybody have suggestions?
Aside from speaking louder?

Well, the only thing I can think of is using ear plugs, then your voice will be louder, because you won't be able to hear yourself. The only problem with this might be that you can't then hear your friends. Maybe, though, if you try it for a while, you might become accustomed to speaking louder. Moreover, you will also learn how it feels to be your friends, because it will be you who can't hear them. Confusedmile:
Hey i never thought of doing that before I'm gonna try it! Confusedmile:
i undertand becase same .pepole not undersatand when i talking some times.your can pretened it shouting but it not.i triy it saying it until them knewn it and said very slowly an like look at there eys and ecoud be makaton and singes and spell it out until they very importtant peple understand me i get cross if they not
I have always been a soft spoken person, I also suffer from deafness, so i'm not sure earplugs would work, worth a try.

Softly spoken people are generally people that don't need to seek attention, and I find that to be a fine quality in a person Wink
Softly spoken can also be a sign of insecurity in ones self.. might not be the case with you but if you find you're not a confident person then you should work on that and you will start to speak up.. like I said its not the same for everyone.. I have tiny writing, writing experts say thats insecurity but im a pretty confident person lol
I am not a noisy person. I also have terrible trouble hearing anyone in a crowded space. I think one of my kids talks deliberately quietly just to wind me up. When I'm in France I spend most of the time not understanding exactly what is being said. I find it horribly embarrassing to have to ask someone to repeat what they just said, so most of the time (whether in England or France) I live in hope that I am nodding in the right places. I am not deaf, I am 56 and we all lose the ability to process higher frequency as we age. Sibilant sounds make understanding spoken language easier.

Speaking distinctly is a matter of using the breath properly when one speaks. Being spoken at by people who don't seem to care whether you hear them or not is frustrating and irritating.
the only thing I can think of is making a conscious effort to speak louder.
i think it all depends on your confidence... u just need to work on that first and Voila Smile
at least that was my case :$ i dont speak loud but at least people get to hear me now Big Grin
I'm often guilty of speaking quietly.:redface:
I don't have any suggestions to help you speak louder, bar the obvious making a concious effort.
I do think quite a lot of people glaze over what i'm saying too due to how monotone i can sound sometimes when talking.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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