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so wat r some ideas for gay tattoos and piercings i'm gonna get the 2 conjoined male symbols one in hot pink the other in a lightish blue not baby blue just a shade or so under on my butt lol but wat else could i get??? think on it what would be cute/gay, like characters, signs, sayings,symbols ect. the list goes on try an give me a good one.
and as for piercings im getting my collar bones pierced :eek: but that's more for me cause u can't see it, i need some gay ideas for piercings....
it's amazing how many views and how few replies you get on this website. :confused:
Not really. I didn't have anything to contribute to your original post. I have no tattoos and no piercings. The thought of piercing a collar bone just leaves me feeling queasy and wondering why! I have little visual imagination and would have a great deal of trouble trying to come up with a design I thought would not look ridiculous or dated in years to come.

Others are far better qualified to comment. Wink
Well its up to you what you want. Piercings can removed if needed, but remember that tattoos are permanent, you don't want to end up regretting having your skin forever etched.

Otherwise, I'm all for it, do what you like. I don't really have any suggestions as it will be your tattoo and you have to live with it.
just looking for ideas, not saying imma get watevr anyone says just want fresh material,also i have tats sum good some shitty i love and show them all.
dasbas Wrote:it's amazing how many views and how few replies you get on this website. :confused:

Haha I know right? Well actually, tattoos can be removed via laser technology(They aren't permanent :tongueSmile Anyways I think it would be hot to have a tribal tattoo slightly angled from your back around the love handles, angled toward your pelvic region.
dasbas Wrote:as for piercings im getting my collar bones pierced :eek:

WTF? What if it gets infected?

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
ok so the collar piercings are not to the bone just the skin on the area and they are actually quite popular... anyways so tribal going from my sides (hips) down my v line so they dissapear into my boxers..hmmmm im very intrigued i think it would be cool if they were mirror imaged matching but opposite on each side....sir you have persuaded me and turned me on, thank you. :biggrin:

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