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terrifying 25 mile charity hike
Hello everyone. On the 1st September 2007 I am going on a massive hike to raise funds for the NSPCC. I shall be walking 25 miles over the Pennine Way. It's going to be very tough, which is why I'll need everyone's help. I would really appreciate it if any of you would be kind enough to donate. Remember, that all the proceeds go towards helping the NSPCC to fight child cruelty, which is a cause I passionately believe in.

At the moment I am trying to raise sponsorship money over the Internet. I have set up a profile on a website called Justigiving. You'll find my profile under the page title ''the ex-student hiker'', or alternatively you could enter the name ''nelsonman'' into the site's search engine and you should be able to find my fundraising webpage. My real name is Ian Nelson so you might be able to find it by entering that in as well (I can't post links here).

So if any of you are feeling generous then please donate and help those poor, abused children. I would be happy enough to accept tiny donations, so even if you only feel like giivng 10p or whatever then that's also fine. Alternately, if you don't feel like donating, but know someone who may, then could you please refer them to me?

Thanks guys. Remember, that this is for a very good cause; we should all do our bit to help fight child cruelty.

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