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thank god it's done!!
so i told my mum today as she was literally leaving a for a weekend thing to Glasgow
and she was amazing with it and she even offered to tell my dad who is also okay with it and i just feel soo much better now!
not that any of you will remember me but i posted like months ago about my being nervous about telling my parents and i just wanna say thanks for the help guys!
and im sure i will be back with boyfriend trouble now and again haha
anyway thanks guys!! Bighug
Congratulation!!! Smile
The world is brighter now, isn't it? Smile

I am happy it went so well Bighug
you now have someone very important to you in your corner and you can confide in.
Congrats! Glad things went so well for you! And best of luck to you in everything! Bighug
Feels good, don't it? Bighug
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.

You are one the blessed who were lucky enough to have such a great outcome!
aww that's amazing, yay Smile
That's awesome.
[Image: Congratulations-13.gif]
It's great to hear when people have parents who are understanding.
I'm glad to hear it turned out so wellConfusedmile:

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