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the CLAP
Hey there, guys. I haven't been on this site in foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. But I had something come up recently and I couldn't help think you guys might now the best thing to do.

So, I've been dating this guy since about the beginning of the year. We've been monogamous, we have talked about it. I didn't want him sleeping around and he said he was not interested in anyone else. So, thats that.

A few days ago I go to the doctors because it was getting more and more painful to pee. I thought it was from a nasty hot tub I went into a week ago.

Nope, even before the tests come back the doctor (a super nice gay guy, btw) said I need to tell the person I'm seeing that they need to get treated for it. He said my signs and symptoms are very evident. I have Gonorrhea.

My man friend said he hasn't had sex with anyone other than me since last summer.

What is your guys opinion? If he got it from that lat person, and had it this whole time, why am I just showing signs now? We've been having unprotected sex for at least a month and a half now.

I think he's been sleeping around and just recently got it.....
Power is nothing without control
Whatever the source of infection, it is possible that he may be symptomless. Your doctor is right. He should be tested. Don't worry about making him admit anything just get him to the doctor right now. If, after the doctor gives him the news, he cannot admit it, then simply stop having sex with him. Sure it is hard, but he could give you MUCH worse if he hasn't already. Insist that the doctor give you both a full run of testing at the appropriate intervals.
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Yea, I want him to go in a get tested and treated. At least for his sake. The only complication is that he has no insurance. I'm still under my parents, so I simply went to the military base and did it all. He might be more complicated. But there are free clinics and stuff around here so it can't be that hard. lol
Power is nothing without control
He can go to a free clinic and get a shot and/or some oral antibiotics. They will probably prescribe them and take a sample or samples for testing just for confirmation's sake.

I tend to agree that one of the two of you recently contracted this outside of the relationship. If it wasn't you, that leaves him. This STI doesn't magically pop up months after exposure.

If he is not fessing up to what he did, no matter how hard you press the matter, and you still like the guy and want to be with him, then you should seriously consider at the very least going on PrEP. While all but one strain of the clap is curable, there are other STIs such as HIV that currently are not curable, only treatable.

Sorry this is happening to you. Given what you've told us, he's probably lying to you.

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