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the poem game
Type any poetic line made by you and type as many lines as you want and expect the next poster to rhyme with you.

Once upon a time in the land of Ne'er-do-well
There lived an elf named Tinkerbell
Tinkerbell knew that she was accursed
with this realisation, her lips were pursed
"Why me? Why me?" she constantly cried
"I wish it may, I wish it might it were better of that I died"
She came to know her wretchedness and came to her mother
Who was tending the sheep feeding them fodder
"O mother, my mother!, I bid thee to lift this bane!"
Freedom from the curse! Let it wane!
A boon this eve is all I ask
Set me free! Set to task!
Allow my travel across the blasted wastes!
To hear Love's call, to glimpse its face!
one day, a frapjous day prince charming came across
whose presence made the grass of green grow and shinefully gloss
oh maiden so glorious, so precious, so divine
how do i kiss thee, how do i make me thine? ..
though love's doors be as shut as a clandestine
i bid thee well, i bid thee good, dost thou hear this voice of mine?

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