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too serious
all this is way too serious sometimes; relationships not as expected, confused parents or life just not totally functional. Time to address the inner geek instead?

Apple or microsoft; its nice to be able to sync your web browzer book marks. For example Apple supports the sync process through iCloud if you use the apple Safari but the Firefox brozer can be set for better security and works over more devices; iPhone droid, dell, macbook.

Firefox has a built in sync function too. Basically the setup is on your main computer or lap top, setup a firefox sync account. After you created the account with success add member computer(s). Go to your other device(s) that have an up to date firefox on it, say the iPhone, and goto options. assert you have an existing account but want a security code. Add this code to the account you created above on your main computer. Your book marks should sync soon, give it a few minutes tho.

Its just nice not to have to type all that shiz, especially on your cell phone all the time.
Fair enough Wink
Fair enough Wink
i dont understand this topic not from the posters point but my point as it is causing me to get slightly confused lol
zeon Wrote:i dont understand this topic it is causing me to get slightly confused
wear the geek hat gets so saturated with relationship topics, all good but some times you just got to find where you put that geek hat, or something anything else.

I was looking at this last night; how FireFox sync is working for me. Actually the FireFox brozer is only semi functional for the iPhone. I didnt know that... kinda a limitation if you let it be that way. FireFox is a good brozer preference because both Safari sux for the mac and Explorer sux for windows .

With FireFox sync setup enabled i can save a bookmark on a computer and have it be available on all my computers, at work and on my iPhone. goodness! such a convenienceBiggrinflip

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