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virtual osx server anyone
for the it peeps
has anyone gotten osx server to run as a guest on a host comprised of a mac mini, external cd rom drive and itself running osx server.

i want to get some apache web pages up, would want to run them in a virtual osx server environment

i have a copy of vmware-fusion 4.1 but it cant find the cd rom drive when creating the virtual machine

anyways tomorrows project...
got it running:
the host is osx10.6 server with fusion 4.02 running on a mac mini server box.
the guest is the standard osx10.7 lion (i copied an already built virtual machine)
Well done .... I think Wink

Gj getting it running, i could have just given you a webhost though. lol
i finally got the virtual server connected all the way to the domain name.

my internet provider here in N America is ComCast and they are the only game in town and they know it. my error was an odd setting on the cable modem. the providor's tec support is odd to say the least.

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