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What an amazing weekend it has been. Lush weather, blue skies. A good time was had by all in my neck of the woods. I even managed to get some reading in. Just finished "if nobody speaks of remarkable things" by Jon mcgregor, an excellent book which reads like a prose poem. Also read "Rapture" a book of love poetry by Carol ann Duffy. Cool stuff. Amongst other things i managed to see an amazing film called Gone Baby Gone. Have any of you lot got any recomendations in the book and film department. Plus did u all have a good weekend online and off. Let me know what u all got up to.
I was busy trying to rebuilt a old blog website which I havent taken care of for a few months now, so it consumed a lot of my time!
I'm a victim of my own success.
I have never failed, I have just found many ways which are incorrect.
Everyone has a story, some people just have a better way of telling it.
In this Concrete Jungle we live, our survival is love that we give.
Na mine wasn't that good, my own fault though I just slept the whole weekend but I did watch a film called Mongol all about how Genghis Khan started out from being a slave to conquering half the world, really nice action packed film but really sweet at the same time well worth watching.
I had a mixed weekend, but I'm glad you asked, because it was interesting.

Saturday - was left by dear Albert at the border. Walked into Switzerland and got tram and bus to the airport. In England, broke the rail journey to take a walk through the city where I went to school 40 years ago. Attended my first ever school reunion. Expected to know no one, but half knew three people including the older brother of a friend. Amazed to find myself in conversation with three members of very well known pop groups of the 60s/70s - all still working Confusedmile: Travelled to London where I met up with a friend from school I had spent 37 years tracking down. Went to see Curved Air in concert who were supported by Claire Hammill. Tiny, but appreciative audience. Spent most of the night playing guitars and baritone ukulele with my friend at his place in Islington.

Sunday - slow journey back to Norfolk owing to railway engineering work. Printed out some music I'd spent the week composing to take to a friend who runs a band I play in. We had a meeting about a three day singing project we have in a Norfolk seaside town this week.
wow u sure live an interesting life. Wish I could travel as much as you. Why dont you put some of the stuff youve composed on GS id love to read it
sparky71 Wrote:wow u sure live an interesting life. Wish I could travel as much as you. Why dont you put some of the stuff youve composed on GS id love to read it
Thanks for your interest, but there is the small issue of copyright Wink

I should point out that not all my weekends are like this one, but life is rarely dull.

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