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what is he trying to do?

I have been friends with this guy about 2 years, we are both going to same university ,and as far as i know he is straight and dates girls,however something happened in the class.I fell asleep and he kissed me !in front of everyone!(im not out to anyone so he doesnt know that im gay as well) while i was asleep(ofc not from lips but a close one)and i woke up, i was like wtf you just did,he said that i look adorable when im angry and everyone looked at us, i felt very strange,now whenever he touches me, i feel it, like when you sit next to someone, you generally dont care if a part of your body touches him/her.It was like that with him as well,now its not.I feel him more and i dont know when to react or move away and he understands something is changed about me and smiles like a jerk, im mad,i feel like he is more touchy towards me or i care more or both,dunno.I go shopping with him as well,he did that thing last time i go shoping with him.He wanted me to come inside the changing room and he wore 2 different t shirt and put my hand on his chest and asked me if it fits or not?!?and smiles at me.I made i know what you are doing and im not into it smile as well.Anyway he bought a stupid t shirt for himself and paid 65 pounds to it just because i like it.My point is he dates girls and straight and i dont understand what he is upto.I almost feel like he knows that im gay and tries to out me.And when i come to his studio he is mostly topless and asks me if he looks good or not, make some moves while looking in the mirror etc.I dont know if he is playing with me or not.He is very good looking as well,and im not in shape so, i feel like he knows that im gay and wants me to out.Altough i do like him,i dont want to, im not ready for it how can i feel like before the kiss happened.
I read your other thread. Is this guy in Turkey or England?

Either way - you're stuck since you're not Out.
If I was you and had a guy flirting or "fake flirting" with me, I'd flirt back. I'd also let him know that...
1. I'm Gay.
2. I find him attractive.
3. I'd tell him to be careful as... he's turning me/you on.

If you're away from home and in England - maybe this is the time you finally enjoy some freedom. Be Gay. Enjoy it for now.


Be creepy - play a game of Gay Chicken, sit in his lap at weird intervals during the day, flame out a little. Do the yawn, put your arm around his shoulder - move while sitting on a couch - give him long hugs - put your crotch into it, and laugh it off like straight men do...

He's making you feel uncomfortable, maybe you should return the favor. Invite him over to your place before going out for a drink. Show up at the door in your boxers and have him to pick out your outfit...
Use a condom.
Maybe you are looking at it from the wrong prespective? Maybe rather than him trying to out you, he is trying to let you know he is interested in you. Otherwise, he is going to a lot of trouble, spending lots of time with you, just to embarrass you. If you are in England, maybe it's a good time to let him or someone else know you are gay. It would probably be easier than in Turkey. You might actually find that people accept you and you will discover you are not the only gay in the village.
the guy is from, turkey not from uk, i used pounds because i wanted you to understand the stupidness.We sometimes use skype he says that he misses me so much etc.Before i leave uk, maybe 1 month earlier, i will tell my friends here that im gay in the bar,if a conversation happens about it(usually happens at some point).But i still dont see myself having fun with another person.I need to have a long term relationship with someone to have fun with people that i dont know much about,right now i dont think that i can do it.

I saw and know a couple of girlfriends he dated,i dont see him as gay,thats why i posted it.I dont think he is interested in me sexually(he once said to me that he had a gay friend that went after him but didnt get response)so thats why i am confused.If he didnt get a response wtf you are doing to me

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