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what things can you cook
i cannot cook :frown:
I made soup and Chili from scratch the other day, both were amazing. They guys at work smelled the chili and started helping themselves and were impressed....... Big Grin
I need a guy whose name doesn't end in .JPG

так что вы приняли время для перевода этого

"Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes."
I'm making gravy from the juices of the roast beef I am eating. I start with a roux, melted butter and flour, then I add the juices of the meat I am cooking.
Yosuke Wrote:Ardus: That sounds good actually, always have loved tomato soup.

Recently I've made Boeuf Bourguignon a la Julia Child, Vanilla Soufflé, Rosemary flatbread with a goat cheese and olive/herb spread, and rich Scallops with wild mushrooms in sherry/cream sauce atop pasta. All turned out great...I really need to start a catering business at this rate!

I would agree with you,Yosuke, that if you have that kind of culinary skill, you ought to be making friends in next to no time;... A way to a man's love (or friendship) is through his stomach, is it not? Also loved (so highly recommend) the Julie and Julia movie, if you've not seen it yet...
i helped make risoto for tea
I loooove making brownies ^_^ and I do good stir-fry... think the most daring thing I ever made was some four-cheese souffles with chives, which didn't quite work but tasted good
i love using hamburger meat. i make the bombest burgers and a killer meatloaf. i love making chicken as well. ivee done stir fry's as well, and also deep fried soybeans! booya! i can make anything just never have many oppurtunities to cook.
Ooooooooh cooking! Today I'm making tacos, and german chocolate cake!
My mate won't allow me into the kitchen!!!! He evidently doesn't like the way I cook :biggrin:

I have to admit I'm not too interested in cooking, my idea of a meal is opening a couple cans of vegetables & microwaving them, then throwing a piece of meat on the grill and overcooking it.

When my dear mate is out of town, I invite my neighbor lady out for some restaurant food. Beats eating the bland tasteless stuff I make..

I'm ashamed to admit my shortcomings, and know I'll never make a proper Domestic Diva,,,,, but I can tell you the best fish & chip restaurants in town.

Slowly walking away with head down........ Cry
I love to cook!! Smile love spending time in the kitchen, one of the fav places in the house. hrmmm... I can cook a few things, but i really love to make sweets/candies.... love making barfi and love making chocolates

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