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what things can you cook
fjp999 Wrote:WoW, That is a LOT of meatless mincemeat!!!

How large of a jar do you have up there PA?


Is there any cooking involved or just mixing?
Actually, there is no cooking involved until the mixture makes it into the mince pies and they are ovened... But in fact we don't put 3 pounds of margarine for the suet, we just use one pound and a pound of almost everything else, except the spices (a few teaspoons of each) for 3 pounds of cooking apples... So it's not too greasy. In fact it's just about the right balance. The jars can be as big as we want. We make small ones to give away and bigger ones to use ourselves. The biggest probably contained two pounds each.
joseph Wrote:i got a lovly recipey it is chocolate fudge cake and nuts init . i am going to make it tomorrow!Knuddel
And I think you should give us that recipe, Joseph... It sounds scrumptious...
Has anyone seen Soxy lately?
princealbertofb Wrote:Who wants this 18th century recipe for Mincemeat (without meat?)
Incidentally you could replace the suet with vegetable margarine if you are so inclined.


Chop fine three pounds of suet, and three pounds of pared and cored apples. Wash and dry three pounds of currants, stone and chop one pound of raisins, beat and sift (love this bit, lol ) one pound and a half of loaf sugar (who does loaf sugar these days???), cut small twelve ounces of candied orange peel and six ounces of citron; mix all well together, with a quarter of and ounce of nutmeg, half an ounce of cinnamon, six or eight cloves, and half a pint of French Brandy; put it into closed jar, and keep it for use.
This is from an old book my mother had; I've just got the photocopy from that page.

OK... I missed the [COLOR="Red"]18th century part Rofl and their ENORMOUS jars Luxhello [/COLOR]
did some one heared about coke chicken??
its a chicken cooked with coke! im serious!!!
really nice thing.. just google "cola huhn"
I can cook noodles. Instant noodles.

I can also boil an egg... may be even make a scrambled egg.

Boiled eggs
And scrambled eggs
Tonight I am experimenting
I am making Chile Rellenos, which normally has a tomato sauce on it, but there were no good tomatoes at the market today so I am going to attempt it without the sauce, and I am making Jalapeno Poppers as a side. Will let you all know how it turns out.
A sunday roast dinner the easy way.

Beef joint in a slow cooker for 6-7 hours (saturday nite/ early sunday morning).
Roast potatoes in mircowave combo for 25/30 mins.
Mixed veg zapped in mircowave for 3 mins.
Instant beef gravy add boilng water.
Served with a bottle of wine.

i cant do it proncealberto i got in my book but it went wrong saying it i try agian latter
Worked out pretty well, without the tomato sause it lacked to mellowing that the sweet acidity of tomatoes gives it but it still tastes good

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