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hello from kentucky
Just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I fully came out to my wife a few days ago. What a rollercoaster ride!

hello and welcome to the forum...
Here your find a bunch of friendly peeps... Its a fab forum and ya not the first member to come out and push away those grey clouds and let the sun shine through!

I think if i ever got with a woman before coming out id consider it cruel to live a lie for both parts but insist on maintaining friendship as its better than nothing plus u dont loose each other entirely

Kindest regards

Aunty Zeon xcx

welcome to gayspeak.
i wish gayspeak was around when I figured it out while in a straight marriage. Best of luck.

G Day and welcome to Gayspeak Smile

Hello and welcome.Welcome

Well done on coming out , it would have been very stressful.

Welcome, Zelgald! I hope things go well for you. Confusedmile:

Hello from Michigan, and welcome to the site! That sounds like quite the predicament you're in there.... I hope she took the news well and wish you the best of luck on that big ole roller-coaster called life. I hope that you can find all of the support and conversation you're looking for here. Best of luck!

Welcome and good luck Smile

Welcome! Wavey

Hi and welcome to GS! Smile

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